About the Artist


Hi, my name is Fiona Kertesz, an artist who specialises in fine detail portraits of pets using oil paints. I have always had a passion for drawing and painting and stumbled on pet portraiture about 10 years ago, simply by seeing a great photograph and I thought I would give it a go. From there on in pet portraiture was born. I have a real passion for painting animals and love the way the painting develops and comes to life right in front of you. Its always very exiting to finish a portrait and its really nice to be able to produce something that holds so much meaning and love.

As most pet portrait artists, I have a strong love of animals. It was actually a first career choice. I spent a few years trying to decide on whether to work with animals or go into art and design and studied both. I have a Diploma in Vet Nursing and more recently a Bachelor of Visual Imaging (graphic design and web). While I have worked in the animal field as a Groomer, predominantly art and design won and I am currently working part time as a Graphic Designer, while also focussing on my pet portrait business.

When I started my Pet Portrait business, I was living in Waikanae Beach on the Kapati Coast, with my two Golden Retrievers, mother and daughter, Nikki and Morgan.  I since then moved to Taupo, a stunning town, with the lake and mountains, and 3 years later, I have just taken up residence in Raglan with my husband.  Yet another gorgeous coastal town, Raglan is so stunning!   I feel so lucky to have lived amongst some of New Zealand's most beautiful scenery, whether it be on the coast or inland.  My beautiful Morgan passed away in 2016, her mother Nikki, who made it to 13, in 2018.  I now have Elsa, another beautiful Goldie, I got her as a rehome at 4.  Shes 6 now and loving the beach life.

Below are a few photos of my portable studio and my beautiful girls. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to working with you.


My studio setup.  I have an adjustable drawing table, and two easels, one tabletop and freestanding.  I've been using the freestanding easel more frequently of late.  The funny looking contraption is a daylight lamp.  As I do a lot of my portrait work at night, it really helps with colour correction!   Plus my trusty old stereo in the corner that I just can't part with!


I've got many great photos of my girls thoughout my website, so I won't bore you with the several thousand more that I have.  They were a mother and daughter team, Morgan (daughter) is in the front, Nikki (mother) at the back.  They were such gorgeous girls who have both passed now, and will always hold a special place in my heart.


This is Elsa, a rehome, she's 6.   I've had her for over a year now and loved her from the moment she stepped foot in the door.  She is such a character, and has given us some good laughs the way she sticks her head underwater when looking for her ball.   She is loving the beach life, lots of interesting smells!