Patisse and Patoofa

Patisse and Patoofa


Patisse and Patoofa were commissioned by Annemieke as a Christmas gift for her sister in Denmark.  My first overseas commission!

Aren't they a handsome looking pair?  Annemieke managed to get some fabulous photos, and we put them together in a graphite portrait.  Really quite striking to do with their light fur and dark eyes, I was really happy with how well this commission turned out.

Client Testimonial from Annemieke.

I commissioned Fiona to do a painting for my cousin in Holland and we decided to do it in pencil rather than oil. I was a little concerned as to how it would come out but all that was laid to rest as  Fiona stayed in touch and emailed me the different stages.  Absolutely fabulous and I’m so thrilled with the end result

Thank you